Tuesday, January 2, 2007

So what's the trick?

Take a look at this.

So the opposition has prepared " العريضة النيابية " against the government, whatever that means in English.

It is basically built around the argument that the government violated the constitution by sidelining the President in decision making.

There are 2 faces to this coin. The first is that the government "did" sideline the president. But why did the government do that? Constitutionally, they shouldn't have done this, that much is true. But the question that begs the answer is: Why?

I'll tell you.

For the government to pass the law on the international tribunal, constitutionally, it has to get one of 2 approvals. Either the president, or the opposition. They already know that the president will not give them that, so the only way to go is through the opposition, and as we know, the opposition has a price for their approval. How easy can it get. There is no conspiracy theory or a complex, undefinable motive as some people are trying to portray it. It's plain and simple. I just think Lebanese people like to make up min el 7abby 2ibby, because they cannot believe things are so easy.

This reminds me of a friend of mine back at school when we were young. He was a very smart kid. But when he came to the test, he would always get the answers wrong. But the "bonus" question, which is the most difficult, and you will get extra points if you solve it, he will get the answer right. After investigation, we found out what the problem was. He just would not believe that solving these questions was as easy, so he suspects a trick, and wastes his time trying to solve it.

The only problem was that: There was no trick!