Thursday, November 30, 2006

Journalism! What Journalism?

I just wanted to state this for the record, and this is my personal opinion about Lebanese journalism. I don't think that there is true journalism in Lebanon, and if it exists, it is a negligble percentage. All journalism in Lebanon is what is called "yellow journalism". Lebanese journalists do not report facts, they report opinions about facts. There are more "political analysits" in Lebanon that there are journalists. This remains my humble opinion.


You know, I have been calling Lebanese journalists "political analysists", because I did not think that we really have any journalists in Lebanon, but now I think that I must take this "naming" to a new level, because the term "analysit" means that someone is analyzing something. I have finally decided to take the naming a step further: Political Theorists

I have read for one so called "journalist" so many theories, and most of them contradict each other, than I can remember. So until further notice, any journalist is going to be called "political theorist". I still think that this naming gives them some credit, but I don't want to be tatally pessimistic. Maybe I will change this naming with time.


Hell! Let's just call them fiction writers and get it over with. You want a good story of fiction, just read the newspapers.

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