Thursday, December 14, 2006

Letting go?

So what would the solution for the current gridlock be? Since we already know that the problem is in the sequence of change, then the solution might also be there as well. Therefore, I propose that the sequence of events change:

1: A New Government
2: A New President
3: A New election law
4: A new Parliament

What would this sequence do?

1: Will insure that the new govenment will have power share between the 2 groups.
2: Will give the presidency to March 14th since they currently hold the majority in the parliament
3: Will insure a fair election law
4: Will give Aoun & Co. majority in the parliament for the next presidential elections.

The question is though: Will Aoun accept giving up the presidency for this coming term? He is already an old man, and might not make it to the next elections. Will he let go for the sake of Lebanon?

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